Voronezh state technical university


Voronezh state technical university

The Federal Student Tournament of Three Sciences – brining science and business together

Between 26 and 30 September, Voronezh held the final of the Federal Student Tournament of Three Sciences, one of the last such events in 2018.


The City of Voronezh is the best destination for those who are looking for a truly Russian experience.

Voronezh State University

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VSU offers academic programmes at all levels including Bachelor, Master, Graduate and Post-graduate courses, Post-doctoral studies, as well as continued learning.


Centre for the development
of artificial intelligence technologies opened at VSU

Voronezh State University
together with Concern Sozvezdie
(a division of the Ruselectronics holding owned by the state corporation Rostec) opened the Centre for the Development of Artificial Intelligence Technologies.


Young swimmers take part
in a competition in the university swimming pool

5th children’s swimming
tournament took place in
the VSU swimming pool.


University takes part in the 21st quarter-final of the programming world championship for student’s teams

In mid October, the 21st quarter-final of the programming (ACM) world championship for student’s teams took place at
Chernyshevsky Saratov National Research University.


A development by researchers from Voronezh State University and Burdenko Voronezh State Medical University enters the top 100 of the best inventions in Russia

A joint development of scientists from Voronezh State University and Burdenko Voronezh State Medical University «Device for cardio-respiratory analysis and a method to estimate cardio-respiratory state» enters the top 100 of the best inventions in Russia in the area «Medicine and medical equipment».

Voronezh state technical university

Voronezh State Technical University, Russian Federation

9-th (14) International Seminar on Ferroelastics Physics

Welcome to ISFP-9

The 9-th International Seminar on Ferroelastics Physics will be held on September 12 — 15, 2018 at the Voronezh State Technical University, Russia. This Seminar is designed to bring together the international community of scientists interested in recent developments in all branches of ferroelastics investigations. The scope of the Seminar will be similar to that of the preceding seminar ISFP-8(13) in Voronezh (2015) and will cover all aspects of processing, structure, properties and applications of ferroelastic crystals.

Conference Schedule

  • April 15, 2018 — Deadline for pre-registration
  • Jun 30, 2018 — Deadline for abstracts submission
  • July 10, 2018 — Call for papers
  • July 10, 2018 — Preliminary program
  • April 10, 2018 — Deadline for transfer of registration fee
  • September 12 — 15, 2018 – Seminar.


  • Phase transitions, lattice dynamics and soft modes
  • Structure and crystal growth
  • Domains, domain boundaries and their dynamics
  • Mechanical and acoustic properties
  • Optical properties
  • Superionic conductivity
  • Ferroelasticity and superconductivity
  • Heterogeneous, glassy and incom-mensurate systems
  • Nanometer structures
  • Multiferroics
  • Applications

The following types of presentations are proposed

  • invited talks (30-40 min)
  • oral contributions (15-25 min)
  • posters


Russian and English will be the official languages of the Seminar

Voronezh state technical university


+7-499-4031210 mail@eduinrus.ru

Voronezh State Technical University

  • Voronezh State Technical University
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e-mail: mail@eduinrus.ru

(works 24 hours, without holidays)
e-mail: mail@eduinrus.ru

(works 24 hours, without holidays)

جامعة فورونيج الحكومية التقنية

» data-medium-file=»https://i1.wp.com/studyrussia.net/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/voronej-universitet-2.jpg?fit=300%2C200&ssl=1″ data-large-file=»https://i1.wp.com/studyrussia.net/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/voronej-universitet-2.jpg?fit=848%2C565&ssl=1″ data-lazy-src=»https://i1.wp.com/studyrussia.net/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/voronej-universitet-2.jpg?resize=850%2C450&ssl=1″ />

جامعة فورونيج الحكومية التقنية / Voronezh State Technical University

الجامعة تقع في مدينة فورونيج وتبعد 466 كم عن العاصمة موسكو(6-12 ساعة بالقطار وحسب نوع القطار)، تأسست الجامعة عام 1956م وتم دمج جامعة الهندسة المعمارية معها في عام 2016م.

الكليات في الجامعة:

  • كلية العمارة والتخطيط العمراني
  • كلية النقل البري
  • كلية الهندسة الاقتصادية
  • كلية هندسة النظم والمباني
  • كلية تكنولوجيا المعلومات وأمن الكمبيوتر
  • كلية الهندسة الميكانيكية والهندسة الفضائية
  • كلية هندسة الراديو والإلكترونيات
  • كلية البناء والتكنولوجيا
  • كلية الهندسة المدنية
  • كلية الاقتصاد والإدارة وتكنولوجيا المعلومات
  • كلية الطاقة ونظم التحكم

التخصصات الموجودة:

الهندسة المعمارية، الهندسة المدنية، الهندسة الميكانيكية، هندسة البترول، ديزاين، الهندسة الكيميائية، نظم المعلومات والتكنولوجيات، هندسة الراديو، هندسة الالكترونيات ونانوالكترونيكس، هندسة الكهرباء، الاقتصاد، ادارة الأعمال، ادارة الموارد البشرية، الصحافة.

الدراسة باللغة الروسية، لهذا الطالب يدرس السنة الأولى سنة تحضيرية لتعلم اللغة الروسية والاعداد للجامعة، العام الدراسي يبدأ من شهر سبتمبر ايلول رسميا، يتم تشكيل مجموعات من الطلاب حسب توافد الطلاب الى الجامعة وكل مجموعة مكتملة تبدأ عامها الدراسي.

التقديم يبدأ من الشهر الرابع او الخامس ابريل او مايو، عدد المقاعد محدود.

Voronezh State Technical University

Voronezh State Technical University

University Overview

  • Address: Moskovsky av 14 — Voronezh, Russia
  • Leadership: Rector: Sergei Aleksandrovich Kolodyazhni
  • Gender: Mixed (Co-education)
  • +7 473 2210919Show Phone Number
  • Location Map

Voronezh State Technical University

Admissions Inquiry

About the University

Voronezh State Technical University is the flagship university of Voronezh region which combines educational, scientific, staff and technical capacity of the two leading technical universities in the region: Voronezh State Technical University and Voronezh State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering.

Today, Voronezh State Technical University is a modern scientific, academic and technological institution that offers higher education programs as well as further and advanced training for professionals working at industrial and construction enterprises and organizations of the region. 20 000 students are currently studying at the university, including international students from 57 countries of Asia, Africa, South America, Middle East and CIS. The teaching staff are 1 000 highly-qualified and experienced professionals with 160 of them awarded doctoral degrees in the respective fields. Competitive Advantages of VSTU:

  • Long working experience, good reputation, high positions on the lists of the best technical universities of Russia;
  • Lifelong multi-level education that includes training and further training of academic staff;
  • renowned scientific schools;
  • Advanced research and innovation infrastructure (an interbranch engineering center equipped with a unique high-performance computing cluster and specifically designed software; centers of collective use of scientific equipment, an innovative business incubator for students and academic staff, named after professor Y.M. Borisov; an association of smaller innovative enterprises established with the participation of the university;
  • High availability of information resources and technologies, wide range of applied software used in academic and scientific activities;
  • Cooperation with potential employers (establishment of specialized departments within the enterprises, an opportunity to complete all internships at the partner enterprises; employment rate of more than 98%);
  • Military educational center and military department providing training of 150 officers annually;
  • Availability of education for persons with disabilities;
  • Advanced social infrastructure (dormitories, canteens, sports center with a swimming pool, recreation centers, etc.).

For many years VSTU has been providing enterprises of the region with young professionals in the fields of mechanical and aerospace engineering, radio electronics and information technology, energetics, construction, architecture, road construction, building materials production, etc. Scientists from Voronezh State University are conducting scientific research in all these areas. The results of such research are actively introduced at enterprises of the region which allows to increase production efficiency. The University constantly implements strategic breakthrough projects providing modernization and enhancement of the region’s innovative potential. VSTU is a member of 7 out of 9 industrial clusters existing in Voronezh Region and plays a crucial role in regional economy.

As a crucial center of education, science, technology and engineering of the Central Chernozem Region, Voronezh State Technical University is shaping “growth points” in the most important economic sectors of the city and region by creating an environment that enables to establish smaller innovative enterprises and develop them within regional industrial clusters.

Scientific and innovative activities of VSTU as a flagship university are aimed at breakthrough projects that provide modernization and enhancement of innovative potential of the regional industrial and agricultural sectors. The university conducts scientific research of fundamental and applied nature in the following priority areas within the Strategy of Social and Economic Development of Voronezh Region:

  • New materials and coatings;
  • Resource and energy efficiency technologies;
  • Ecology. New technologies of waste disposal and water purifying;
  • Affordable housing, construction technology and housing and utilities. Construction of cheap housing from composite and organic materials. Heat pumps;
  • Electronic technologies and robotics. Microrobots, design of unique electronic devices;
  • Transport technologies and road construction. New technologies of highway construction;
  • Engineering. Technologies of aviation and space engineering.

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